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Omnia Associates is an independent consultancy firm offering professional services to businesses and individuals. Combining our professional team and our network, we always have the best team of minds – with the broadest range of industry and functional experience – to bear on every engagement. Our aim is to simplify our client’s financial and business life in doing so to enhance the quality of their lives.

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Whilst we have attempted to set out a comprehensive description of how we can help, much in consulting work is tailored to meet specific needs. Our wide, global network of associates including international firms of lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, bankers and trust companies, enable us to sustain access to an extensive range of tax, legal, banking and financial expertise. Our consultants are happy to have the opportunity to hear from you, discuss your needs and determine how our team can support you effectively.




Omnia Associates

Enhancing its strong and long-lasting relationship with various business people around the world, recent amendment to the laws – explicitly directed towards entrepreneurs with significant value of assets and investments – offer a fast track citizenship scheme by which an applicant has the possibility to acquire the Cypriot citizenship.


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